At our last meeting I mentioned that I am providing solder certification training in partnership with Stony Brook University.

  1. Most electronics manufacturers customers require that their employees be certified either to IPC 610 (solder inspection) or J-STD-001 (hands on soldering techniques) to ensure products are manufactured to an international quality standard.
  2. Under their new MTRC, Stony Brook is providing up to 30% funding to offset the cost of the training.
  3. WDI (Workforce Development Institute) is providing another 30% funding, making the cost around 40% of the normal rate.
  4. The advantage we bring is having trainers who are experienced in soldering and we provide the training at the customer’s facility to minimize disruption to their production operations.
  5. The alternative is for the trainees to be sent offsite and many times out of State, requiring lost production days due to the travel and the expense of overnight stays and travel expense.