Safety Training

 Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions provides Comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Consultation and Training services using a Certified Safety Professional experienced in industrial settings helping you to reduce workers compensation insurance costs, avoid OSHA & EPA fines and, most importantly, keep your worker safe.

Comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Audit Summit will study the entire workplace or the specific operations you designate and discuss the applicable OSHA standards. Summit also will point out other safety or health risks that might not be cited under OSHA standards, but nevertheless may pose safety or health risks to your employees. We may suggest and even provide other measures such as self-inspection and safety and health training you and your employees can use to prevent future hazardous situations.

A comprehensive consultation also includes plenty of dirty work, this includes:
1. Appraisal of all mechanical and environmental hazards and physical work practices
2. Appraisal of the present job safety and health programs or establishment of one
3. A conference with management on findings
4. A written report of recommendations
5. Assistance with implementing recommendations

*The On-Site Consultants Will:
Help you recognize hazards in your workplace Suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem Identify kinds of help available if you need further assistance Provide you a written report summarizing findings Assist you to develop or maintain an effective safety and health program

*The On-Site Consultants Will Not:
Report possible violations to OSHA enforcement staff. Guarantee that their workplace will “pass” an OSHA inspection.

Are you paying too much for Workers Compensation Insurance, have OSHA or EPA breathing down your neck, concerned about the Safety of your workforce? Then contact us to schedule a complimentary Environmental, Health & Safety assessment.

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