Are you developing new software, new products, customizing products, applying or developing new technologies? If so, are you taking advantage of Research & Development tax credits?

We have worked with many Long Island and NYC manufacturers, Engineering firms, software developers and technology companies to get them tens of thousands of dollars in cash to help them grow their business by leveraging R&D Tax Credits. Your activities to meet with clients to understand their specifications, update/discuss drawings, create tooling drawings, methodize, purchase raw materials, tooling and other activities to create a part, all count towards the credit.

As Industrial Engineers, we analyze your business to ensure you get the maximum credit, help you through the data gathering process and then work with our CPA teammate, to do the financial analysis, fill out the credit forms and amend your returns to get the credit.

We are also available to respond to the Internal Revenue Service questions on the application and track it through their system to get you a timely return. We work on a contingency basis and take a small percentage to cover our time and costs. Many of our clients have received over $100,000 over multiple years of eligibility!

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