Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions ( operates in North America, offering a number of safety services to the manufacturers operating in the United States. This Privacy policy completely describes the type of information we collect from our customers. Additionally, the policy also describes the way we use the customer’s information, protect the information, share the information and make decisions on the basis of the information from our clients.


The Type of Customer’s Information we get from our Customer’s

We can collect any type of information from our customers depending upon the type of activities in the Safety sector. This information may include:

  • The information related to the financial account or the payment card
  • Billing information and the contact number (it may include the email address, phone number, first and the last name of the customer, and postal address)
  • The data about the geolocation of the customer
  • Other related information required to process your request.


In addition to this, we may also get the browser and computer information via an automated technology system like web beacons and cookies at the time when you visit the website or download the information provided on our site. What does a cookie mean, “a file that a website sends to the user’s device to get the browser’s information and save the settings within the browser” Just like this, A web beacon is known as the pixel tag, internet tag, connection between a web server and web page, clear GIF or may use the cookies to transmit the information to the webserver?


We may collect different types of information using this way like the browser characteristics, the IP address, operating system, time and the date when a user visited the website, the system’s language, web page address, the zonal time, and the country from where the customer is operating the device.


Google Analytics and the Online Advertising based on Interest

The privacy policy section gives you detailed information about remarketing, targeted advertising, behavioral advertising, or interest-based digital marketing. We will be using the 3гd party audience of Google Analytics just like the gender, age, understanding behavior of the customers, customer’s interest. We will also be getting the information of the online activities of the customers to provide the best interested and preference information.


The customer can also disable the 3rd party information and network of delivering the targeted information by going to settings.


What do we do to the information collect from the customers?

When we collect the information from the customers, we may use it for different purposes like:

  • Manage, process, and complete the transaction of the customers, including the payment for the services or refunds.
  • Provide information about our services to the customers.
  • Identify the type of services the customer is looking for.
  • Improve the company’s services to the customers
  • Invite the customers to participate in the process of customer’s research
  • Inform the customers about the new services from the company, the promotions, features, events, and other valuable information to the customers.
  • Provide the customer’s support and also request, and process queries.
  • Add and manage the online accounts of the customers
  • Request the customers to be enrolled on the rewards and loyalty programs of the company
  • Getting information about the customer’s participation in contests and promotions.
  • Confirm the activity and the information provided by the customers in different places like refund and cashback.
  • Protect all kind of frauds, issues, and unauthorized activities
  • Minimize the credit risks or claim liabilities.
  • Match with the legal and standard requirements, industry requirements, and company policies.


We may also use the customer’s information for various purposes and we will highlight that purpose at the time of taking the information.


Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions also collect the data through online means for other purposes like customizing our customers to visit the website, providing customized content to the customers, providing tailored services, our business management and provide offline and online marketing techniques. We also market and manage our business using the provided information.


Additionally, we will use the data to analyze our operations and determine, like how much time a customer spends on which web page and this way we will improve our customer’s experience, our interface and we will be able to meet the customer’s needs.


We also maintain the accuracy of the personal data provided by our customers and then supply the information on the basic of demographical information.


We share our customer’s information

We may share the personal information of our customers with the associated businesses. They may also advertise their products or services. Our joint sponsor can also use our information for various purposes and use your information according to their privacy policy. You may also opt not participating in those promotional activities. Additionally, we can also share your information with our service partners. For example, you can share the customer’s information with the party that hosts our website, operate and maintain various functions of the website, print emails, send emails, process the payments, manage the data for effective advertisement. When we provide your information to the 3rd party people, we don’t allow them to disclose your information and use it for illegal purposes.


We can also use the customer’s information for legal proceedings if required with the legal authorities especially at the time when we think that disclosure is important to save the company!


Privacy Policy for the Children 

We don’t require information from the visitor surfing our website who is under 13 years of age. It is our policy for the children. Our services are for the advanced level people not for the kids.


The links

In some cases, our website may direct you to other sites to get the information for your ease and convenience. All those websites work independently and may have their own privacy policy. So, the visitor has to check with that while surfing. We are not responsible for their legal requirements.  


How do we save your information?

We always maintain technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect your information from illegal belongings, disclosure, destruction, misuse, and unauthorized access. 


Options available to visitors 

We offer our visitors to update their preference. You may ask us to remove your personal information from our mail lists. You can contact us at ( or email us at along with all the descriptions and your requirements. 

You can also refuse to get our promotional emails by doing the following things:

  • If you receive an email from Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions, you can opt for your information by clicking unsubscribe button or the link at the bottom. 
  • In another case, if you have an online account, you can use your credentials and log in to the site to unsubscribe from the newsletter or the emails. 
  • Another option is that you can contact us with all the details using provided email or from the contact us page to remove your information. 

Please note that any chosen method will take some time to get processed. For example, if you contact us to get unsubscribed from the emails or the newsletter, it may take up to 2 months to get processed. 

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or the way we use information from our visitors, please contact us.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may update our privacy policy without any notice to the visitors. These changes may or may not reflect the information practices of the company. In case, if we are having a major change in our policy, we will definitely post a notice on our website that indicates the changes and the time for the updates.