Our People

Our seasoned professionals fully understand that different clients have different needs and one size does not fit all. Each project is designed to produce sustainable results for your company with the least amount of struggle. Summit consultants and project managers make themselves available on a 24/7 basis. If you have a question or need to discuss an issue, we’re there to help.

Our Approach

Not only do we provide measurable bottom line results, we also work diligently to help secure funding for our projects. Your project manager will help you identify funding opportunities in the form of Grants and Incentives that provide a unique opportunity to hire our talent at deeply discounted rates.

Our projects follow a systematic approach that includes:

Analyze the current state of your organization to identify opportunities for improvement.

This critical assessment phase utilizes a series of proven tools and methods to provides an end-to-end analysis that provides the following:

  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Analysis
  • Effectiveness of your staff
  • Utilization of your software systems
  • The resulting detailed assessment report is guaranteed to provide eye opening findings and recommendations that will drive immediate gains and longer term improvements.
  • Facilitate a results oriented
  • Roadmap to Improvement

Knowledge transfer is what our facilitative consulting approach is all about!

We don’t “fix” how a company operates on our own. This approach will not be sustainable.

By facilitating and transferring knowledge you will keep gaining benefits from our engagement long after we’re gone.

Develop and implement appropriate systems and measures for sustainability

Any improvements will degrade within 24 months unless a serious and meaningful sustainability plan is developed. We will help you establish systems that are repeatable, measurable and drive accountability at all levels.

Does this mean software?

While a software solution may enable sustainability, it is not an absolute requirement. The trick is to setup a means to measure and report critical performance criteria.

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