Implemented 9 Epicor ERP Systems with the fastest implementation in 7 weeks from a cold start. These 9 ERP systems are as under:

  • Product 
  • Inventory
  • Services
  • Sales
  • Human Resource
  • Purchases
  • CRM
  • MRP
  • Financials


An ERP system is designed using a collection of ERP modules (ERP applications) that are each designed to meet a specific part of a company’s needs. Each of the ERP modules communicates with each other by sharing a central database. For example, a company may start with an ERP system that has human resources, inventory, finance, and sales modules to help run their company. As the company grows and has new or increased needs, these modules could be customized further with additional modules.

What are the advantages of ERP systems?

A properly designed and integrated ERP system that stores and shares all company information have the following advantages.

  • Help automate and streamline many processes, increasing the overall productivity of your company and employees.
  • Helps manage finances and taxes, and saves money for the company.
  • Easier to manage all aspects of your supply chain.
  • Improves collaboration between all departments and employees.
  • Allows your company to stay more compliant.
  • Improved analytics that can give you better business intelligence on all aspects of the company in one location.
  • Allows for better reporting capabilities.