men in hasmat suits cleanup

Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions is concerned about the safety of you and your team. In light of the Coronavirus epidemic, many businesses are looking for ways to combat the virus by cleaning their work spaces. Depending on the level of cleaning you need assistance with, we offer several approaches and levels:

  • Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing
    • Deep cleaning and sanitizing cleanable space by hand at a rate of $0.30 per sf using Hillyard Rejuvnal disinfectant.
    • $.20/ft2 for spaces over 25000 ft2. This includes hand cleaning and wipe down of  everything including mopping floors.
  • ElectroStatic Disinfection
    • ElectroStatic Disinfection application to touch points including doors, light switches, alarm panels, desks and countertops, chairs, file cabinets, business machines, lavatories, lunchrooms, etc….
    • Up to 5,000sf $495 and then incrementally $200 for every 5,000sf thereafter.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant
    • Should you have been exposed to the virus, you may want our highest, Hospital level disinfecting. With this level service, we use Alph HD or Vitrex 256, a hospital grade disinfectant. Our cleaners are trained in hospital level disinfecting and serve in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
    • $500-Certified Safety Professional supervisor.

    • $1000/cleaner/day plus $1000 mobilization (truck, equipment, materials).


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