Outsourced Safety for Manufacturers


Need that extra help to ensure you keep your team safe? For many of our manufacturing customers, we serve as their Outsourced Safety Officer. Give us a call for a [...]

Outsourced Safety for Manufacturers2020-12-24T15:35:31-05:00

Over $450,000 in training grants!


In the most recent NY State training grant round, CFA 4, Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions assisted 6 of its clients to get over $450,000 in training grants to upgrade [...]

Over $450,000 in training grants!2019-11-03T07:02:35-05:00

R&D Tax Credits


The New York State R&D tax credit, known as QETC, is a powerful tool to provide critical funding to manufacturers, software development firms and technology companies that design, develop and produce [...]

R&D Tax Credits2014-07-03T14:17:01-04:00

State Training Grants


In the most recent round of State training grants, I assisted Long Island and NYC manufacturers to apply for over $500,000 in training funds. We leverage these funds to address [...]

State Training Grants2014-07-03T14:12:03-04:00