We help you eliminate the rising costs erode your profit margins, find cash to grow your business
and address challenges you thought you couldn’t afford to help.

Helping Manufacturers Thrive

Summit Safety & Efficiency Solutions is a Safety & Industrial Engineering company providing:

  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Managemnt
  • Project Management
  • Supervisor/Management Training
  • Specialty Manufacturing Training (e.g., Solder Certification)
  • Grant application
  • R&D Tax Credits


Many of our manufacturing customers are getting squeezed by rising labor costs, material costs, taxes, real estate/facility costs and energy costs. One of our manufacturing customers was taking a $2m/year hit due to the rising minimum wage in NYC, but they also had some opportunities for cost reduction. They were spending $1m in expedite fees because they could not get their products delivered on time. They had $4m in scrap and had too much inventory and too many people on the factory floor. Using a combination of lean manufacturing, inventory management, quality improvements, production planning and product cost justification, we assisted them in eliminating the $1m in air shipments, cut their scrap by $2m and cut 125 employees to keep them in the black.
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Slide Faced with limited staffing in the Environmental, Health & Safety area, we hired Summit’s Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to provide their services to help us gain new business, provide a safe working environment for our employees, keep workers comp costs low and avoid fines & penalties. They’ve worked with us on a monthly basis providing expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full time CSP. Alex Bausa-McCormack VP of Operations at EDI-ECI Slide Ron’s company, Summit Business Solutions, worked hard with my team to get a vibrant safety system in place here at Natech the last 1-2 years. In addition to the peace of mind that goes with a best in class safety system, we were able to leverage the work to obtain very competitive worker’s compensation rates in out 2017 policy period. We’re considering operations help in other area’s from Ron’s team as a result. Tom Nagler President of Natech Plastics Slide It has been a pleasure working with Ron and Dave. It gave us a great focus and engagement amongst the employees in the company during your Lean Manufacturing training engagement, helping us to reduce waste, implement improved quality control procedures and streamline our operations. This will help us to continue to reduce our cost of operations, improve our competitive position and enhance the service we provide to our customers. Brian Atkin President of Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc.
Slide We hired Summit’s Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to provide expert services to help us gain new business, keep workers comp costs low, avoid fines & penalties, clean up after Hurricane Sandy and provide a safe working environment for our employees. They have worked with us on a monthly basis providing much needed expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full time CSP. Jeffrey Frisch President of AP&G Co., Inc
Slide By training our team on lean manufacturing, inventory management, and supply chain management; providing systems, process, organizational development, and leadership training, Ron was able to transform our business, cutting delivery times in half, dramatically reducing errors and positively impacted our bottom line. Ron was also instrumental in helping us capture tens of thousands of dollars in State training grants and a large cash infusion via the New York State R&D tax credit. Nick Filippides President of American Racing Headers
Slide While working personally with Rob in the past, developing the Long Island Lean Users group, Ron demonstrated professionalism, subject matter expertise, and business acumen in meeting the needs of his clients. Now with Summit Business Solutions, Ron has taken his talents to next level to bring a complete suite of Process Improvement tools to the masses. Kevin Henn Continuous Improvement Manager of Data Device Corporation